For Reviewers

Reviewer Instruction

The reviewer, as an editorial member, of Ideas Spread plays an essential role in the peer review process. Whether a submitted paper is published, mostly depends on the evaluation of reviewer. Therefore, we sincerely welcome specialists and scholars to join us.

The requirements of reviewers

• Reviewers should possess a doctoral degree in relevant field of the journal;
• All the submitted papers are written in English, so reviewers must be fluent in English;
• Reviewers have enough time to finish the review task and include feed back in the appointed time.

How do you become a reviewer of Ideas Spread?

This is a voluntary job, no payment. If you are interested in the reviewer position of Ideas Spread and meet all the requirements above, please download and fulfill the application form, and then contact the journal editor for submitting your application. The editorial board will assess your qualification based on your application form and give you feedback as soon as possible. After that, you will be added into our editorial board. It is noteworthy that we will recognize our most extraordinary reviewer to be the Honorary Editor-in-Chief.

1. Complete the application form.  Download Here
2. Send your application form to the journal’s e-mail address. Journals List