1. Q: How do I register on the journal website?
A: All the journals of Ideas Spread use Open Journal System (OJS). If you need to submit your paper online or join in our editorial board, you should register with the journal first.
Please follow these steps for registration:
1) Visit the journal homepage;
2) Click “Register” on the menu;
3) Fill in your information, be sure to choose “confirmation register as author, if you would like to submit your manuscript;
4) Finish the registration.
2. Q: How can I submit my manuscript?
A: You have two ways to submit your paper.
One is online submission. You have to register as an author on the journal website first and then submit your paper. Also, you may also submit your paper to the journal editor through e-mail. When you submit your paper successfully, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
3. Q: Does Ideas Spread only accept empirical studies?
A: Ideas Spread also accepts literature reviews, theoretical articles, methodological articles, case studies and other types of articles.
4. Q: What is the format of a Ideas Spread journal article?
A: Please refer to the author guideline and template, revise the format of your paper specifically according to the template.

Review process
5. Q: How soon should I receive the result of the review?
A: Usually the review process takes around 2 or 3 weeks. During summer and winter vacation, there may be some additional delays.
6. Q: How soon will my paper be published after the acceptance?
A: We will arrange to publish your paper in one week after sending you the acceptance letter.

Publication fee
7. Q: Do you charge any publication fee?
A: If the paper is accepted for publication, you will be asked to pay Article Processing Charges (APC).

8. Q: How to pay?
A: You may choose to pay via Paypal or Bank Transfer.

9. Q: What is the impact factor of your journals?
A: Ideas Spread is a new publisher found and created in 2017. Therefore, the ability to assess our impact has not been possible. Once we have enough data, we will place it on the journal homepage.
10. Q: Who can read the journal article of Ideas Spread?
A: All the journals of Ideas Spread are open access, so everyone all over the world can access Ideas Spread full paper (PDF) for free.